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Merit scholarship for talented, most deserving, financially distressed students across Pakistan, with a mission to enable them to pursue their acadamic objectives & hence defeat poverty.
Classification of University Level Beneficiaries
What is Diya’s Eligibility Criteria for Educational Stipends?

Educational stipends are awarded to students currently enrolled in GRADUATION AND MASTER LEVEL Programme. Student must be enrolled in Pakistani Universities.

To be eligible, you must have secured at least 60% marks at all levels. Stipend amount depends upon marks %, course type and other factors, from 6000 to 17000 annualy.
What is the Procedure for Receiving Educational Stipends?
All applicants submit Application Form and send scanned documents from ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS (in JPG Format) via email address: You must mention Case No.(which you will see after Form submission) and NIC No. in email so that we can combine in our computerized system. . Also refer "Instructions & Download" Page

For continuing students refer "Instruction & Download" page

The submitted application and scanned documents will be reviewed by Diya’s approval team. You can check the Status of your application at after every 10-15 days.

If any calrification / document required by us you will see on Status, send scan of document through email.

This is very important to provide true information in your application form so that no clarification required and case processed quickly.

If your documents are complete in all respects, a stipend cheque shall be issued in your Name with NIC at your Institute address. Complete process may take one or two months depending upon your response.

I’m enrolled in a Private College / University. Can I still Apply?
In majority of the cases, our assistance is limited to students enrolled in public institutes of learning with low tuition fee and expenditures. This ensures that our stipend amount is of significant assistance to the beneficiary.

You may apply if you come from a low-income background but please note that we do not encourage such applications.

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