Diya's Vision

An Educated Pakistan.

Our Mission

Diya is working towards employable education.

  • Merit scholarships for talented, financially deserving students across Pakistan, with a mission to enable them to pursue their academic objectives, and hence defeat poverty. By 2017, the target is to reach out to 27,000 students annually.
  • Vocational training stipends for qualifying students, focusing on high impact and employable and vocations. By 2017, the target is to reach out to 8,000 beneficiaries annually.
  • Future Leaders program (Rahnuma) to assist 1,000 exceptional students to achieve their aspirations – facilitated through coaching, educational scholarship and career advisory services.

Our Values

  • Commitment that all efforts are purely for the sake of Allah Subhaan’a T’a’la
  • Commitment to transparency and accountability at all levels
  • Priority for the financially distressed students across Pakistan, on merit, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion or gender
  • Producing measurable results that demonstrate the impact made by our donors’ funds