Diya is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many of these forgotten students. Read here about typical circumstances of deserving students and also how small donations are making a big difference.

We have deliberately left some of the narratives in their actual format (Urdu, English), and some others have been translated for the benefit of our international supporters. Based on request received from students, some of the identities have been kept discreet.

I hope you are well. Fortunately we are in receipt of scholarship forms and have made efforts to complete formalities despite low literacy of parents and interruption of Eid holidays.

We have female student in class IX and X and after getting your permission, we recommended 34 female students for the scholarship for an amount of Rs 26000/- where as you had approved Rs 25200/-. We hope that the additional amount of Rs 800/- will be paid to us.

We are saddened by the shahadat of your young son. A special ceremony was held on 17 January 2009 to distribute the stipends among deserving students. Special prayers was also held to commemorate the shahadat for your son and other victims of bomb blast. (Translated).

“ We have so many students who do not have the money to continue their education. It is simply wonderful that Diya has come forward to help these poor children to fulfill their dreams. ”

Your organization has shown consideration for our poor and talented students by awarding stipends. These 17 students belong to poor rural families. Your stipends have spread the light of knowledge and education in their homes. We are thankful to you from bottom of our heart for remembering them and expect that you would continue to remember us.

May Allah bless you with faith and prolonged life to carry on with this noble cause and keep the beacon alight. I am indeed saddened by the shahadat of your son and pray for you.

I along with all the teachers of my institutions remember you in our prayers. May Allah be your protector and sustainer. Ameen (Translated)

“ The stipends that Diya has provided were simply a blessing for the poor children of our college, especially those hailing from rural areas. ”

We highly appreciate your efforts in making the arrangements of monitorial support to the poor and needy outstanding students of the country. Your generous support is not only helping the needy students in making their future bright but also is a great service to the mankind. Certainly, God Almighty has a great blessing for the people like you.

We are sending you the documents of twelve students of our institution who have been selected for your stipends and hope you will make early arrangements of stipends for these intelligent and deserving students.

We are also thankful to you for this generous help of students of our institution. (Original)

“ There are so many outstanding students in our college who do not have the financial resources to advance their studies. Thanks to Diya, this sorrowful situation is completely taken are of .”

I am a student of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. My reg # XX-XXX-XX. I belong to Xxxxxx Abad a town near Sheikhupura. I live in hostel in university. My father is a van driver and he drives local van from Sheikhupura to Lahore. Total income is Rs 8000/- per month. We are four sisters and two brothers out of which four of us are college and university going students. So it is very difficult for us to manage our expenses in such small amount now a days. As I live in hostel so, I have more problems. Being a girl and hostelite I could not find suitable tuitions to meet my expenses. Further, it will disturb my studies a lot. My elder sister was teaching in a school but she had to leave due to her married life now. I had been good student uptill now. As you can see from my documents that I obtained 913/1100 in my Fsc pre-engineering which is 83.7% and I got XXX/850 in matric which is 83%. I am also good student of my university. I have keen desire to complete my studies but I need your support for that, I shall be highly thankful to you. (Original)

“ Being one of the six children of a bus driver, the desire to further her education was something beyond hope of Huma. Diya made her dream a reality. ”

I received the scholarship letter with gratitude. I am very satisfied because my financial position will improve significantly with this amount. May Allah bless you and all those who are associated with Diya Pakistan. How should I thank you! My aging parents will forever pray for you and I promise that I shall remain in contact with Diya Pakistan when I, Inshallah, become an engineer. May your organization grow and prosper in years to come, Ameen (Translated).

“ An aspiring engineer, Imran is filled with gratitude towards Diya, for making his dream a possibility. ”

Well it is difficult to express my feelings for the stipend by filling the Performa only. But I am very very thankful to you people because you helped me a lot for continuing my studies and now by the grace of Allah and your help I am in Masters and soon I will get my degree to serve my country and my parents and promise to return each penny of the stipend provided to me so that it might help someone like me. Thanks once again and may Allah keep you on the sky. (Original)

“ Ali is successfully doing his Master’s degree in Agriculture, an opportunity that he would have had to let go if it was not for Diya. ”

I am grateful to you for giving me the scholarship. Sir as you know that I belong to a poor family. My father is a poor man. My elder brother is in Army serving as a clerk. He has his own family, but he supports me a lot. I’m living in the university hostel where the average mess charges exceeds Rs 2000/- per month. I have to pay the term fee of Rs 10000/- per month. So the total monthly charges are Rs 4500 per month. Sir I’ve worked hard to equalize the income and expenses. Sir, I would be very grateful to Diya Pakistan for giving me the opportunity of improving my studies. (Original)

“ Mohammad, a student of engineering, is grateful to Diya for providing him with that extra financial support he needed desperately for pursuing his education. ”

I am a 3rd year student in KMC Peshawar. Allah has blessed me with intellect and I wish to help those who are poor and serve my people and country. I belong to a poor family comprising of 7 persons who find it exceedingly hard to meet household expenses as well as huge college fee and hostel charges. The expenditure is beyond my capacity and is constantly distracting my mind and affecting my studies. I appeal for financial assistance so that I may study with commitment. (Translated)

“ With the noble intention of serving the poor, Hafiz dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, hailing from a poor family, he was beginning to lose hope when Diya reached out to him with a helping hand. ”